Posted by: wingnut650 | April 21, 2009

Blog syndication and Google rankings

Recently on our SQL Server domain specific blog/wiki – we are realizing a very interesting issue with our Google ranking.  Currently, the blog component ( – of course) has been able to experience an incredible increase in the amount of content available to our target audience.  Through syndication of select SQL Server bloggers, we are getting on average nine new blog posts a day pushed to SQLServerPedia, all with keyword rich content (titles and bodies) and our analytics:  the number of hits to the blog (not to be confused with a Cypress Hill song of a similar name), time on site; and, bounce rates are high, very high, very low – and trending nicely.  Here’s the rub – we don’t get any love from Google from a pageranking standpoint for this.  Google is smart enough to know that this content is not generated ‘organically’ on the blog part of our site, but is being “pushed” to the blog.  So, while we’re getting SQLServerPedia to be a higher profile destination online for our target community – the blog piece is not realizing a sizable bump in pagerank.  This is one of the drawbacks to syndication, but, we’re totally OK with it and it’s giving those experts that choose to syndicate with us a larger audience and a higher profile in the community.

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  1. Thanks for this.
    I’m putting up a site myself and want to use syndication and was worried about all the above.


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