Posted by: wingnut650 | April 2, 2009

Getting new media to resonate with management

Today we’re putting together content for what we call “quaterly business reviews”, or QBR’s, at Quest. These are presentations that offer insight into how the previous quarter looked from both a 10,000 view as well as a 10,000x view…these can get deep into the minutiae… Anyway, a component of this QBR is a review of our business unit’s “new media” activities. Contained in this will be information on how well a number of our ‘new media’ channels are doing and include: a domain specific wiki and blog, two twitter accounts (@Quest_SQLServer and @SQLServerPedia), and; on a more ‘traditional’ level, bi-weekly webcasts. Getting into the details of this in a way that won’t be too daunting for management is somewhat daunting. Offering unique visitors stats, pageviews, bounce rates, time on page, followers, number of posts, new wiki content, pageranks, attendee numbers, etc., etc., etc. (I mean the list goes on!) really can create the potential for paralysis by analysis for the team. At the end of the day, upper management want’s to know simply ‘does this stuff make us money?’, which is not completely what it’s all about for us as marketers. Performing a balancing act where we highlight the activity we’re growing from our these initiatives as well as the awareness we’re raising is critical – and these metrics are truly AMAZING. Being able to tie this back to revenue can be tricky, but we have systems in place that can give us insight into this – it’s just that these numbers won’t blow anyones mind.

This is definitely a situation where we’ll have to market marketing to get this information to really resonate with our management and should be a fun exercise. Once we have this portion of our presentation finished, we’ll post up on 2blokes (here) for anyone that might be curious what we put together.


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