Posted by: wingnut650 | March 26, 2009

Pondering: Concrete and tangible marketing for technology

Geico auto insurance has a brilliant advertising campaign happening right now where they are showing (in print and on TV) a stack of money with the simple tagline “The money you could be saving”.  Appropriately, this campaign is called ‘Kash’ and in today’s economy, this concrete display of a pile of money representing what you could be saving as a Geico customer pretty much resonates with anyone.  This ad is great because you can easily sense the money in your hand, and that’s powerful for both potential customers and current customers. 
It’s always good to be able to offer some type of money saving benefit to your product or service, lately that’s especially true.  Being able to put such a compelling image front and center with your offering is just plain smart.  As a marketer of software products, describing ‘money saving’ benefits such as ‘maximizing resources’ or ‘reducing the need for expenditures’ or ‘increasing productivity’ are all pretty compelling, but also somewhat abstract.  Visually, showing charts and graphs and reports that are able to describe various ways of getting the most out of every dollar dedicated to IT will get attention, but they’re not quite as tangible and compelling as a nice fat pile of money.  Maybe we’ll have to hijack that imagery for some of our upcoming promotional materials…

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