Posted by: wingnut650 | March 18, 2009

Twitter as a marketing tool?

As a fairly new user to Twitter and building up my ‘follower’ list (27 and counting, woo hoo!), it’s interesting to think of how it can be used for marketing purposes.  It was NOT my intention to use Twitter for marketing, not at all, but since most of the people that I follow (and most of those that follow me) are actually in the target audience that 2blokes currently works to get to.  The funny thing is it really wasn’t a planned that way originally.  The way I look at these folks is more as people that I want to communicate with and have some kind of ‘friendly’ relationship with…this is odd in that many I’ve never actually met in person before.  Anyway, marketing to these folks doesn’t seem very palatable to me – at least in the traditional sense.  So pursuing a more soft touch with anything I would want to promote to my small but growing twitter community seems like the appropriate way to go…I mean, it seems too easy to end up sounding like an Amway salesman if you are inappropriate.

By the way, I’m @wingnut650 in the Twittersphere.

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