Posted by: wingnut650 | March 16, 2009

Finding your blog voice

Something that has been weighing on both me and my co-blogger is that we have frankly sucked at keeping our blog active with new posts.  The fact that we are in marketing and our focus lately has been working with bloggers helping to create new online content, while we ourselves have been slack at it is somewhat ridiculous.  It’s not like we don’t have conversations in any given hour of any given day that would translate into posts.  Laziness?  Yes, a good part of it.  But another piece of it is the crucial ‘finding your voice’ component of being a blogger.  Using your own voice and not what you feel your readers (if are lucky enough to have any) want to hear is key to being able to continue posting fresh content.  This isn’t something new at all, but something that is actually somewhat hard to put into practice…at least for us apparently. 
If your ‘voice’ is crass and likely un-politically correct, then it’s probably good to make sure that you post as much as possible and be yourself with reckless abandon and two sites that I feel do a great job of this are BaconBitsAndBytes and The Bloggess.  Two of my personal fav’s.

So, here’s to a renewed effort to consistently putting our ‘voice’ out on our blog.

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