Posted by: chasker | January 8, 2009

What Pain? I don’t feel your pain!

Christian Hasker [2:08 PM]:
How was sales training andy?
Andy Grant [2:08 PM]:
i’m not really sure. having to be on the end of a phone and trying to listen to how reps are taking something in is really not a good way to gauge
Christian Hasker [2:08 PM]:
Personally I was amazed that no-one seemed to understand basic pains that our solutions solve
Christian Hasker [2:09 PM]:
How can you sell something effectively without a good understanding of the pains?
Andy Grant [2:09 PM]:
You can’t. also, the lack of questions along with the lack of understanding of the pains is a bit unnerving.
Christian Hasker [2:10 PM]:
What do we do about it?
Andy Grant [2:10 PM]:
Is following up with sales tools – like updated ‘what sells’ documents the answer to that?
Christian Hasker [2:10 PM]:
I think we need to listen in on some actual calls and then quiz reps directly afterwards
Christian Hasker [2:11 PM]:
and from that produce a ‘most common pains’ doc
Andy Grant [2:11 PM]:
unfortunately (or fortunately, i can’t really tell what’s right here) our presales consultants should be who we focus on first since they’re the ones driving the deals
Christian Hasker [2:11 PM]:
I think that’s a flawed approach though
Christian Hasker [2:11 PM]:
pre-sales consultants ‘shouldn’t’ drive the deals; that’s what sales reps should do; consultants should help drive the proof of concept around the pains the rep has identified
Andy Grant [2:12 PM]:
let’s look at our performance management training section. that was primarily aimed at getting the reps to book a demo with only a high level understanding of the products that service performance management so that the SC’s could drive the discussion.
Christian Hasker [2:12 PM]:
Andy Grant [2:13 PM]:
but i am afraid that the reps will, in practice, just get the demo booked without uncovering enough pain or detail about the account or opportunity – THIS is where a tool like a demo checklist really should be introduced.
Christian Hasker [2:14 PM]:
I agree – in fact the consultant shouldn’t even agree to the demo without a more detailed understanding of the account
Andy Grant [2:14 PM]:
Christian Hasker [2:14 PM]:
that way they can tailor the demo to the specific pains
Andy Grant [2:15 PM]:
so, then introducing the checklist is a logical ‘next step’ for us in regard to our performance management tools.


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