Posted by: wingnut650 | September 15, 2008

Media Plan Mayhem

Adding another responsibility to the Cheesecake Factory sized plate of product marketing at Quest Software, we are now taking on facets of managing the media plan for our business unit.  I am absolutely not complaining about this, by the way.  Handling this component of our overall marketing plan is really exciting and an opportunity for product marketing to move a step closer to those media outlets that we figure to be the most effective for us moving forward.  Since I personally have no experience managing media relationships, I’m looking forward to seeing what I can do to screw it up 🙂 – just kidding.
This move actually falls into line with how we’ve seen PMM (product marketing management) work in relation to the SQL Server market.  PMM has always been close to the front line of their respective market at Quest having constant communication with customers, prospects, analysts and even competitor contacts, but this is an area that is somewhat new.  By being front line in communication with these outlets and allowing our contacts to provide a bit of a consultative relationship in regard to our activities, I *think* we will be more nimble in making available appropriate messaging and assets that will resonate with the SQL Server community.  We’ll see, very excited.

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  1. Isn’t PR supposed to handle this? I mean – what else do they do except handle the media?!?

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