Posted by: chasker | August 20, 2008

Four Marketing Lessons

That time of year is upon us where we start looking ahead to next year and also tweaking anything we can on the backend of this year. Mainly though we focus on the question: what’s our marketing strategy for 09 going to look like?

08 has been a great learning curve for us. In hindsight there is nothing that we would have done differently, because we have learned some valuable lessons. But for next year we need to apply those valuable lessons.

Lesson Number 1: Getting sales’ buy-in to the strategy up front doesn’t mean they won’t start acting like Leonard from Memento six months in.
Lesson Number 2: Content may well be king, but not if no-one’s pushing it and therefore no-one’s reading it.
Lesson Number 3: Objective data is nigh on impossible to get in marketing, but try to get it you must. Good one from this last month – ‘So many people find our naming conventions confusing’ – errrr…no they don’t. (I’ll post more about this one after a Customer Advisory Board session we are having next week).
Lesson Number 4: Revenue’s up up up – it’s the product and sales. Revenue’s down down down – it’s the product, sales and marketing.



  1. strategy? what’s that?

  2. That lesson #3 isn’t just in marketing. Everybody I’ve interacted with has complained about that same thing – why aren’t we more in touch with the customers, why isn’t this message resonating with the customers, why aren’t people using this feature, etc. There’s an easy solution to that: talk to the damn people. Thankfully we’re fixing that, but I still can’t believe the shape it’s in. That still just makes my jaw drop.

  3. You have the order wrong in number 4…when revenues are down it’s “marketing, product THEN sales.” ;>)

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