Posted by: chasker | August 8, 2008

Don’t Write Off Those Traditional Marketing Approaches Too Hastily

A couple of years ago we made the decision to stop print advertising. We were definitely too hasty in that decision. Because print advertising is so difficult to quantify in metrics we sometimes lose sight of its effectiveness. Just ask Vonage, who yesterday announced that they added far fewer customers than anticipated, largely due to cutting back in advertising. Their CEO said that the company had underestimated how much traffic the TV advertisements were driving to its Web site and other recruitment channels.
In January we brought print advertising back, and the pshycological boost to our sales force was immediate, and queries from our customers about ‘why aren’t you in SQL Server Magazine?’ dried up too.
Recently I was talking with our European Marketing Manager about how to gain new prospects in Germany, something we have been struggling to do. Email marketing doesn’t seem to be having the same impact there as it does in the US, so we discussed doing some direct mailers. Doesn’t get more old school than that!
Yesterday, this was forwarded to me from our friends over at Marketing Sherpa, making the case for complementary direct mail programs to any email marketing strategy.
In summary:

– Use targeted mailings, such as a simple postcard, to promote new white papers or upcoming webinars.
– Larger mailings can also have a big impact on some of your best prospects. If you have a list of dream clients in your marketing database, consider sending them attention-getting dimensional mailers.
– Integrate mailings with your telemarketing calls. When a telemarketer has identified a more qualified prospect, assemble a customized package of printed materials that demonstrate how your company can help meet their business needs or address particular pain points.



  1. Amen brutha man. It’s all about balance. Just like with investing, you want to have a balanced portfolio of marketing activities.

  2. Thanks for sending that Marketing Sherpa info along – it was amazing how timely it was!

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