Posted by: chasker | August 4, 2008

Can You Polish A Turd????

While content may be king, fancy artwork and graphics go a long long way too. Funny, true story from last week:

We were in meetings in the UK with our sales management, and I was presenting our marketing strategy for the year; both in recap and looking forward. Our GM asked a very simple question: ‘How do you rate the different collateral we are putting together?’

This year we have devoted a ton of energy into creating original content through our experts, both internal and external. We have white papers, videos, podcasts, customer case studies, technical briefs, blogs, articles, posters, magazine, datasheets and probably more that I am forgetting.

Our white papers (general educational pieces designed to increase awareness and boost thought-leadership) scored lowest.

Our ‘consolidation guide’, a printed piece with great graphics and a magazine layout scored highest.

So what?

The consolidation guide consists of three white papers and a technical brief that are available standalone. So while content may well be king for the intended readership, polish goes a long long way with the sales teams.



  1. Hey now, I wrote one of those turds. Easy on the analogies. πŸ˜‰

  2. i was going to say, “turd” might not be the best analogy Christian! Those white papers are pretty impressive! what i *think* you meant was can a turd be polished too??

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