Posted by: wingnut650 | July 29, 2008

That’s pretty Cuil

So I just checked out the newest search engine Cuil after reading an article about the launch and the brains behind it…and it’s a pretty cool experience.  I’m not 100% sure about the difference between the indexing capabilities of search engines…I’ll have to educate myself on why “more” is better…but I will say this, the way Cuil does its layout of search results is pretty slick and the consolidated results in their “explore by category” section is a cool way to show results organized in a new and interesting way.  Time will tell how much success Cuil has, but I’m certainly looking forward to seeing more and will continue to play around with it.  One criticism at this point, which is only aesthetic, is that the color scheme of the site is a bit off to me – but that can certainly be because it’s just new and I’m not used to it – I remember thinking that Google’s home search page was a bit off, too with only the white page and the search box…
Another interesting thing to watch will be to see what promotion strategies Cuil uses to get users to adopt their engine as their primary search option.

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  1. Douglas was talking to me about this today and had done some testing. While Cuil claims to have 120 billion pages indexed. He said it couldn’t find anything he was searching for SQL Server related. Oh…and it was incredibly slow.

  2. I tested by using queries on surfing or guitar techniques and found good info in the search responses – BUT – once I tried a SQL Server specific search, like ‘sql server dmv’ – the results were terrible. looks like they have some work cut out for them.

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