Posted by: wingnut650 | July 24, 2008

Listening is a two way street

Seth Godin actually wrote this post a couple of days ago and I needed the extra time to chew on it.  The post describes examples of when messaging falls on deaf ears.

It’s really a brave conclusion to come to to determine that the audience that you thought you were directing your marketing and advertising toward is simply not listening…but a slippery slope as well.  In my opinion this can show a fundamental lack of understanding of who your target audience is and what resonates with this audience.  By the time that decision is clear, well, a lot of money and time could have been wasted on marketing programs and that can kill the product or service you’re marketing – as well as possibly the job or jobs of those behind the poor analysis and decision making. 

As a marketer, to get to the point where you are in a position to chalk a failed campaign, program or message up to the audience just not listening can really call your credibility into question – hence the slippery slope.  From the perspective of the marketing initiatives that we try to push in my BU, vetting ideas and potential programs with our customers and external individuals who are in our target audience, and doing our own listening to these folks, has been critical to our goals of: raising awareness of the value behind our products and expertise, generating quality leads for our sales force; and, ultimately generating revenue for the business. 

Marketers like myself don’t have the extraordinary experience or incredible body of work that Mr. Godin has to be able to come to this conclusion without losing some sanity or a job, so ensuring that I’m listening to the audience that I want listening to me is priority number one.


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