Posted by: chasker | July 23, 2008

It’s Copper of course! An Adpative Positioning Story…

In a previous post I talked about Andy’s and my experience advising a wireless irrigation start-up on positioning. The obvious target audience was the landscape developer responsible for ensuring remote irrigation systems are working and water being delivered. The obvious value proposition was the savings of up to 30% in water usage.

However, after conducing interviews with the founders a rather more powerful value proposition and target audience emerged. The target audience was the people who hold the purse strings at Caltrans , a massive organization responsible for the highways and byways in California, and incidentally thousands of miles of greenbelt land along those roads, which require massive amounts of irrigation and…COPPER.

Copper has risen in price 150% in three years, thefts are on the rise, and the cost of replacement for government departments is tens of thousands of dollars. Caltrans lays thousands upon thousands of miles of copper to operate those remote irrigation systems, and much of it is being stolen. Caltrans won’t say how much it costs them, but the pain is real, and it is immediate. Green Wireless Systems has a target audience and a powerful value proposition, offering instant, tangible ROI. Shame they didn’t get their funding.


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