Posted by: wingnut650 | July 16, 2008

Camping – Social Media-style

Yesterday I went to what was called a “Social Media Camp” put on by an organization called BarCamp.  This camp was a pretty interesting gathering of people that have an interest, be it professional, personal, etc. in social networking: trends, technologies, topics, wherever your interest lies.  The format was flexible in that there was an opening presentation with one Erica O’Grady who is a New Media and Loyalty Marketing Specialist (say that three times fast).  Her presentation was great, really did a good job of helping introduce and discuss the growing movement that is social media – loved it.  The other tracks were impromptu 15 – 60 minute presentations on various topics related to social media.  I attended one on Twitter, which really helped me understand how it works (a 101 explanation – think short content blog – ALOT like following someone’s profile changes on Facebook, but more public).  Some were good, some left me scratching my head a bit.  Some good business ideas, but it seems that the idea peeps might want to pair up with some business folks to give their ideas legs.  Just my opinion and I would definitely go to another of theses if it comes around. 
My number one take away is that there are plenty of other people like me that are pursuing social networking initiatives for their respective employers that really need all of the education they can get.  That was refreshing.  Even though there are alot of avenues to investigate, the point where this is at with business (and I work for a mid-size business, so I’m speaking from that angle) is that it’s in the early-ish adopter phase.  It was great to just talk with folks in the same position as myself and do some face-to-face social networking – ask questions and share experiences. Good stuff.



  1. I want to hear ALL about it. I’ve got lots of links for you (as I’m sure you have some you can share with me).. so remind me to send them to you sometime.

  2. Will do – I definitely want to talk to you about it

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