Posted by: wingnut650 | July 4, 2008

Practice what you preach

You every heard about (or do you know) those types of people that, outwardly, are shining examples of their profession, but when ‘behind closed doors’ are almost contradictory versions of that public persona?  Here’s what I mean:  a financial executive that doesn’t balance their checkbook, a house cleaner that lives like a slob, a dietician that eats junk food, a doctor who smokes cigarettes…you know what I mean?  Well, it seems that the marketing team that I am a part of may be guilty of this same type of behavior.  Our marketing plan for the year was created with immense amounts of time, thought and energy.  The programs that we are running are constantly being analyzed, scrutinized and improved.  We put our best foot WAAAY forward in growing the reputation of our company and business unit…and all of this is really working.  Publicly, the perception of Quest as a leader in SQL Server database management products and expertise has probably never been so high – we’re really communiating and connecting with the market.  Our “marketing” has never had so much dedicated to making it succeed and promote the business.  Outwardly, we’re doing most things well and really learning from our successes and mistakes…but internally…we’re doing what seems to be a terrible job of marketing.  Weird, huh?  Our internal customer is sales, and recently it’s become clear that there is some work to be done for our marketing team to communicate more effectively with our internal client.  Simple things that should be communicated like collateral updates, community outreach activities and even website changes are not being received by our internal client.  Not good.  So, the challenge for our team is to take a look at the lines of communication, do some reputation monitoring of our own and determine where we can improve.  Marketing needs to have the same success internally that we’ve seen we can have publicly as the internal client is just as important as the external one.

It’s important to be introspective but unfortunately it’s very easy not to be.

By the way – Have a happy fourth of July!  Today I think I’m going to channel my inner Kobayashi and see how many hotdogs I can eat.

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