Posted by: chasker | July 3, 2008

A Reminder on the Importance of Positioning

A couple of months ago Andy and I were put in contact with a start-up company, run by the friend of a friend. They were looking for some marketing advice, and we were more than happy to help out. We started off by doing a little research on the company – Green Wireless Systems – and of course we visited their website. We got some sense of what they did immediately, but their target audience and value proposition were buried and the site was extremely congested for a single product company.

After interviewing their founder and partner we learned more about the company. Green Wireless Systems has a smart technology for irrigation systems. It works off of sensors out in the field and communicates back to a central console. It will essentially operate on its own, unlike manually programmed ‘dumb’ devices, which are prevalent today. What happens if the irrigation system is programmed to come on at 8am, but there is a lot of moisture in the air that day? This system is smart enough not to turn on that heavy moisture zone. This cuts down a lot on water usage.

It was a fun exercise drafting some sample positioning for a product and space we didn’t know very well. We did some competitive research, and of course checked out a whole host of blogs and videos on irrigation, and then within a few hours of brainstorming we had some different positions for them to take a look at.

Interestingly enough, the primary value proposition ended up having nothing to do with water at all! Surprising…yes. In my next post I will delve into what the major value prop was that we identified and what we drafted.

Sad story for Green Wireless Systems is that their funding didn’t come through, so their original business plan is out the window, and now they are having to pursue a manufacturing agreement with one of the large vendors. Not sure how that will go for them, but will keep a close eye on their progress.



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