Posted by: chasker | June 26, 2008

Apple’s Little Monopoly – Part Deux

Over on CoachBoz’s blog there’s a good conversation going about Apple and how for us newbies they might not be everything that their loyal users have prepped us for.

We bought our Macbook primarily to be our ‘media central’ – photos, DVDs, home movies, music etc so last Saturday night we settled in to watch Netflix over the web, streamed onto our Macbook (we have 30 hours of instant watching through our subscription). We had high expectations for the screen quality and sound; sure to be a massive improvement over our Dell. Instead of ‘Death at a Funeral’ we were left with a dearth of movie all together: this was the message we got on our screen:

Watching instantly on your computer

Our apologies — instant watching is currently not supported for Macintosh.

Our goal is for Netflix members to enjoy movies and TV shows on whatever screen they want. We’re required to use Digital Rights Management to protect movies watched instantly online, and right now we only have approval for this protection on Windows Operating systems, not the Mac.

Apple does not license their DRM solution to third parties, which has made this more difficult, but we are working with the studios and content owners to gain approval for other solutions. As soon as a studio-approved DRM for the Mac is available to us, whether from Apple or another source, we will move quickly to provide a movie viewer that enables you to watch movies from Netflix instantly on your Mac.

In the meantime, you can use your account to watch instantly on any compatible PC, and Intel-based Macintosh computers can watch movies instantly using Boot Camp, Parallels, or Fusion to run Windows. Also, your Macintosh is fully compatible with adding titles to the Instant Queue for later watching on compatible devices, as well as to have a playlist ready to go when we do enable Macintosh watching.



  1. Not cool Apple. Not cool at all.

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