Posted by: wingnut650 | June 20, 2008

WOW factor

Listening to NPR last night I heard a report called  “How Birds Can Capture a Kids Imagination” that goes into using birding outings (bird watching that is) as a way to get your kids away from their gadgets, outside and focusing on nature.  The person that was being interviewed, Bill Thompson III, wrote a book that helps called The Young Birders Guide to Birds of Easter North America aimed at kids and has an interesting hook that are unexpected fun facts called “Wow factors” about each bird discussed.

In the book, Thompson also pulls out what he calls the “Wow” factor — or fun facts — about each different species. Chloe picked up the fact that turkey vultures will vomit on an intruder when they are mad, and that it’s impossible to get rid of the smell. Thompson said that even if you wash your clothes or soak them in vinegar, you can’t get the smell out.

Kind of gross, but you see how this little bit of information, which is written in bold red in the book to grab attention, can really captivate the reader…though in this case the target is an 8 year old.  The use of wow factors is something that cannot be understated – especially in a world where noise is loud.  Getting above the noise is something that differentiates you and  allows you to get your audiences attention instantly – how much would you pay for that?  I see the need for wow factors clearly in our internet marketing programs, specifically our email marketing initiatives.  Our prospects and customers invariably get alot of noise in the form of email and ecards from IT vendors – we will initiate the inclusion of wow factors into our ongoing email pushes that provide a nice bite sized ‘did you know’ in an effort to see if that improves our open and click-through rates, registration numbers and opt out numbers.  I look forward to seeing how these metrics are affected and I’ll also post on the tactics we use to try this out.


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