Posted by: chasker | June 12, 2008

If your boss has time to blog guess what…

Yes, you have time too.

Andy and I just came out of a meeting with our boss, Billy Bosworth, VP and GM of Quest’s SQL Server Business Unit. About two months ago he started writing a blog. He has been diligent about posting new content every couple of days, and personally I have found his blog very interesting and helpful. Billy is a football coach by nature, and likes to say that everything he learned about business he learned from coaching. His blog shares those experiences and ideas. I always find something in there that makes me stop and think.

Anyway, I digress. He now has enough content that it’s time to start reaching out and actively promoting his blog. That’s where Andy and I come in – the ideas and execution people. The problem is, I am a major hypocrite. Tough to help promote your boss’ blog when you can’t blog yourself more than about once a year. Pathetic. So I intend to use Billy’s motivation for self-motivation.


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