Posted by: wingnut650 | January 31, 2008

Masthead Graphics Good…Masthead Graphics Bad…

We recently discussed the advantages and disadvantages of using masthead graphics in ecards for email marketing purposes.  At our employer, currently, we rely on our email marketing group to lay out best practices for these vehicles.  Despite trying to get a clear ruling on whether masthead graphics are good or bad, we were given a contradictory reply.  Our in-house email marketing guru has let us know that they are both useful and useless.  You should use them…and should not use them.  They will definitely help you…but they won’t help you.

In the Scrappy Software Marketer’s latest post, he cites “Be smart about the use of images in your email” as his parting advice.  So, let’s say we have been smart about it BUT our question remains – should we use masthead graphics in our ecards? 

We’d like to land on one side of the fence with this one ;>)

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