Posted by: wingnut650 | January 2, 2008

Women in IT

I’m responsible for an outreach program for my employer where I engage with SQL Server experts (both MVP’s and targeted domain experts).  This program allows for these experts to use our entire SQL Server product portfolio as they wish and their feedback helps dictate product direction so that the greater SQL Server community is better served.  We also offer these experts writing opportunities where we commission papers to be written on various topics that they are familiar with.  This works both ways – we get collateral from noted experts and they get a way to promote themselves (I should clarify that I am very clear to tell our members who are writing for us that we want objective and open thoughts and analysis if they mention a Quest product – it does them or us any good to gloss over any issues they may have with our prods – transparency is KEY).

Now, here’s my issue – I know that this greater community has both men and women involved…but all of my experts are men.  I feel that having women as part of this outreach program is a great way to help our community reach the broadest audience possible AND provide an opportunity for SQL Server domain experts who are women to promote themselves.  There is a group within the professional association for sql server (PASS) that is a women in technology special interest group – this seems like a good place to start, so I’ll keep this topic updated as I meet these experts.


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