Posted by: wingnut650 | September 14, 2007

Customer / Company outreach on Get Satisfaction

A colleague at work sent a link to a new(ish) site called Get Satisfaction.  This site offers a way to tie together feedback on a company, their services and products into a single point or destination.  Get Satisfaction combines some of the channels used for online communication and turns them into elements of their offering – so what I mean is that the site combines, among other things:  online forums and social networking.  What happens for each company listed (there are 319 as of this post…and that grew from 280 when I checked it out this morning…interesting) is that users can ask questions, submit ideas, offer rants, etc.  The objective is to get dialogue going and make the communication transparent.  Now, unless your company engages with this dialogue, you may run the risk of some misinformation taking place, probably, but that happens all the time through various blogs, chat rooms, etc.  The opportunity is that companies can participate and interact directly with members and offer “official” answers to questions and maybe idenfity possible evangelists.   All in all, it’s new and something to check out.

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