Posted by: chasker | August 21, 2007

O’Hare…Oh No!

I think that O’Hare is the worst airport that I have the displeasure of flying into or out of. I travel quite a bit for work, so I have not come to this decision lightly. My last three visits to O’Hare have resulted in combined delays of 13 hours; four of which have been spent on the tarmac. Once actually inside the airport I find it to be very depressing – the endless walk from the gate you arrive at to the gate you fly out of, the indifferent food, lack of free wireless…the list could go on. I am paying $6.95 on Boingo to write this post.
So what does O’Hare need in order to make it better? As you are inevitably going to be here for a while it needs to become somewhere that you don’t dread being stuck at. I need to think “It would be fantastic if I get delayed at O’Hare today; there’s that fantastic restaurant I can go to, or that business lounge with the comfy chairs and the free wireless and somewhere to plug my craptop into.”
After that it needs a mega marketing push that is upfront and honest ‘If you are going to be delayed, make sure it’s at O’Hare’ could be the slogan.


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