Posted by: wingnut650 | August 21, 2007

If a tree falls in the forest…would AT&T turn it into an iphone bill?

So, maybe jumping on this one a bit late, but there has been a viral backlash to AT&T’s ridiculous billing process for users of iphones.  Apparently, not only does the bill for this phone itemize all calls and text messages, but it also itemizes every data transfer from the phone…which for an “i” phone is quite a bit.  The origianl video blog, which you can see here, is sort of funny, until you realize how unbelievably absurd their billing policy is – which they supposedly have changed so that only one to two page summary bills are delivered to customers (not sure if this only applies to iphone customers, but it shouldn’t) and complete bills can be viewed online.  This supposed policy change however does not seem to be common public knowledge.  Now, it seems that AT&T has a great opportunity to capitalize on this bad press.  They could publicly promote both their new billing policy AND image as an environmentally responsible company by displaying what these monsterous phone bills look like…and it looks ridiculous, admitting to this as a policy mistake; and, outlining their commitment to their environmental policy

By applying the SUCCESs principle:  

  • This would be Simple as it promotes their documented environmental policy and makes AT&T look like they are trying to be more “green”, when people are really paying attention to that message
  • Unexpected?  as AT&T would be admitting to a mistake and deviation from their enviornmental policy – yeah, that’s not something I would expect (and publicly taking responsibility for wrong decisions needs to come back in vogue)
  • The display of the 300 page bill is pretty Concrete to me – just look at the mentioned video blog clip…it’s gigantic
  • Emotional?  The impact of business on the environment is as emotional a topic as you can get right now

I’m probably missing a way this could satisfy the Credible and Story elements of the principle, but it’s pretty late and I’m tired.  Personally, I have never been really happy with the service I get from any of my cell phone providers (and I’m SURE I’m not the only one).  If one of these providers differentiated themselves by promoting a more “green” agenda, that could get some attention.  There’s an opportunity here, let’s see if it’s taken.

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