Posted by: wingnut650 | August 11, 2007

Applying the SUCCES principle

Not sure if anyone has read the book “Made to Stick” by Dan and Chip Heath, but it’s definitely a fascinating read in the same style as the books from Malcolm Gladwell.  They try to explain the success (and failure) of ideas in the market place by boiling their “stickiness” down to whether they follow a principle called SUCCESs.  This is an acronym for S(Simple), U(Unexpected), C(Concrete), C(Credible), E(Emotional) and S(Stories).  I’m not about to run through the specifics of this principle, but will say that the book is absolutely fantastic and that it is educational for anyone wanting to understand better how and why some ideas succeed and some fail – highly recommended. 

Anyway, I saw an advertisement yesterday that really reminded me of  some points of the SUCCESs principle.  The ad was for a company called LifeLock which offers identity protection services.  The ad (and you can watch it here) had a truck driving through Manhattan with a VERY boldly displayed social security number, it was also being read over a loud speaker.  The SSN belonged to the CEO of LifeLock and his message was that he was so confident in the service his company provides, that providing his SSN to the world was not a concern to him.  Now, based on the SUCCESs principle, this absolutely applies the Simple, Unexpected (for sure), Concrete and Credible components of this principle.  I guess it’s been some time since I’ve seen a campaign that really executes on the SUCCESs principle so clearly this one does, and that’s kind of surprising since it’s success is definitely compelling.  Now, I feel pretty good about how I go about ensuring the security of my identity, but for so many people, a service like this could be really appealing – especially if the CEO goes to the public and unexpected lengths to prove its value.

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