Posted by: wingnut650 | August 9, 2007

What makes a successful professional blog?

As I continually try to catch up with what is considered the “new media” channels that are driving the direction and future of marketing, I cannot help but be reminded of the classic TV show “What’s Happening?”.  Specifically, the title of the show and the very last scene in the opening clip are what resonate with me…what IS happening?…and, I feel like Rerun running after the truck at the end – which represents me trying to keep up with the fast pace of the “new media”…see for yourself:

Anyway, through my employer Quest Software, we are working on providing an online resource that serves as a destination providing SQL Server knowledge transfer through a blog.  Visitors can submit questions to the authors of the blog ( and they will in turn create posts from these questions as well as provide answers.  This is a pretty cool project and our SQL Server experts are really top notch folks, so there’s a lot of value here for visitors.  Of course, they will also post their own blog entries which are not necessarily just answers, which should make it more personable and interesting.  Based on the experience that I have with blogs as a marketing channel (which is sooooo limited) I am really looking forward to how this initiative works out over the long term, which is the right vision to have, from what I understand.  This is a really exciting project and, since my question in the title of this post is one that I cannot answer, today necessarily, hopefully I will be able to over the end of 2007 and into 2008…hopefully I can catch up with the truck.

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  1. tons of articles out there to share..let me know if you need me to link you to a few


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