Posted by: chasker | August 1, 2007

I am the proud owner of an LA Galaxy tracksuit top

I got home from work yesterday evening to find a semi-open package lying on the floor of our living room. (Semi-open because one of our 16-month twins had obivously been enjoying trying to break into it). In the package was an LA Galaxy tracksuit top with a very subtle ‘Beckham 23’ on the sleeve. Tiffany, my wife, chose well. She also told me that David Beckham has his own area of the website for his line of clothes, and that a lot of them aren’t available with any other player’s name on them, or indeed available at all. Then today I was talking with a colleague that lives in Chicago, and he immediately commented on my top, and said that he had recently bought a Beckham Galaxy shirt for his son.

I also read the other day that David Beckham’s Galaxy shirt is the number 1 selling shirt in the world already. “We have never come across anything like it,” said Chris McGuire, sports marketing manager for adidas soccer. “At this time the L.A. Galaxy David Beckham jersey is the No. 1-selling shirt in the world.”

This boggles my mind. Millions of fans support Manchester United, millions of fans support Real Madrid, millions of fans support Inter Milan, but David Beckham has already outsold them all. Anyone that doubted that he will make his $250 million through merchandizing should doubt no more.



  1. And boy do you look foxy in it! πŸ˜‰

  2. Barf!

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