Posted by: chasker | July 30, 2007

Wikis vs Blogs

At work at the moment we are having some good conversations around which platform to use for a community initiative that we would like to see take off. We ended up going with a blog due to its ease of use out of the box and the fact that in its current phase it fits the one to many model, rather than the many to many model. However, we see it evolving in the future to encompass many more community members contributing content and moderating it. This feels like a wiki concept, and I think that is the way we will end up going. However, I wonder whether a group blog with comments could achieve the same type of effect. The sticking point on the blog comes down to the search functionality. If a blog is to be used as a knowledge base the blog search engine doesn’t seem to be that intuitive at what it returns. You have to be very specific in your search criteria in order to return the correct results.
Are there any blogging platforms out there that mash blog and wiki-type functionality? If so, we would certainly look into it.



  1. here are a couple of links to noodle on:

    my opinion is if you asked. A blog is voice. A wiki promotes collaboration and community. A blog can promote the 2 C’s but that is not what it is intended for.

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