Posted by: wingnut650 | July 25, 2007

Re-evaluating Google Adwords?

So in reading an article in a magazine called DMNews I learned something really interesting about eBay and its use/non-use of Google Adwords and an odd competition with Craigslist.  The article is here and describes a situation where eBay, who WAS the largest customer of Adwords – well, they tried going without for 10 days (which translated into more than 20 million a month – jeez) and apparently found out that they could do more with less…interesting.  Now, I think they may have been overspending on their Adwords if this was the conclusion, but it also sounds like there might be effective alternatives to Google Adwords out there.  There was no mention of an eBay investment in Yahoo or Microsoft’s online advertising options (SM and adCenter…I think…I’m learnding here…cut me some slack :)), so maybe some monies went there, but anyway, it isn’t an indictment of Google Adwords, but certainly sounds like using Adwords may not be the best option for online advertising for everyone – which I just assumed…and you know what they say about assuming anything…

On a side note: the other topic in the first article had to do with an interesting online community / classified battle that I will definitely discuss tomorrow with an eBay company and Craigslist.

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