Posted by: wingnut650 | July 23, 2007

Hey MLS…this is the (2nd) marketing opportunity of a lifetime!

David Beckham joining the MLS (Major League Soccer) was the biggest marketing splash that this league could have made in their brief history…and now they have a HUGE opportunity to make their second.  With the ridiculously fast slide of MLB (steriods), NFL (dog fights?!?!/player conduct) and now NBA (fixed games…ugh!), the MLS has a real shot at promoting their league at time when all other major sports are at a crossroads.  I mean even the Tour de France is in disarray, boxing sucks, and even the PGA might have it’s own problems…besides being boring as hell  – and do they even play Hockey anymore? 

Never before has this happened and I’m pretty confident that will never happen again.  If the MLS can now leverage their addition of the biggest name is soccer/football with the message that their sport is “pure for the sports purist” – or something like that – well…they can really take advantage of an opportunity when all other sports are down.  Soccer in America needs alot of stars to be aligned to be successful – and I am seeing some serious alignment right now.  Let’s just see if they make the most of their opportunity. 

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