Posted by: wingnut650 | July 20, 2007

Feed me!!!!

Okay, so in speaking with a colleague at work who enlightens me everytime I talk to him about “new media” and marketing, I have a legitimate question about feed readers.  Now, since the readership of our blog is so high, I’m looking forward to he flood of suggestions here.  I am tinkering with my feed reader (in this case bloglines…and to a lesser extent Google) – is there a way of creating a feed that aggregates searches of cites, blogs, news, podcasts, vlogs, etc. that also allows for filtering of these sources???  So many feeds bringing in so much information – and I understand that I’m essentially turning on a firehose – but, how can I implement some filters to keep job postings or repeated postings or just plain junk out of what is presented to me from my feed reader?  I’m having some difficulty finding this capaility in a reader or how to make my feeds “smarter”….which is probably a pretty damning indictment of my skillz (yes with a “z”) at crafting my searches.

I did find this article on a site called wiht  a pretty chart that helps put into perspective some of the capabilities of various feed readers – totally worth a look, as it was interesting to me…even though from the date of this article I’m apparently over a year behind the times…great.

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  1. You can hire me at $250 an hour to do it for you. Heck, I already have most of the stuff set up and you really would not have to do a thing…actually I can just send you my opml file and you can import it right into your feedreader.

  2. Can’t find the article you reference, but in my experience (which isn’t saying a whole lot) you can’t really filter all that much beyond using keyword filters. You would want to use really specific keywords, and select “only this phrase” rather than allowing anything with those keywords in the item, to make this successful – not to mention you’ll have to consider the sources and what sort of info they are putting out through RSS. Given the amount of information you are trying to pull together, that keyword list would be pretty exhausting to create, but in the long run should help. You are probably doing this already though.

    I am still currently just scanning my feed reader and clicking on items of interest. Kind of a pain in the butt, but at least it’s much easier than going to each individual site all the time.

    If you find a way to do this, let me know!

  3. Well forget my response! I want whatever the scrappysoftwaremarketer is offering!

  4. tiffany..what feedreader are you using?

  5. Tiffany / Andrew – I put the link to the article back into the post….sorry about that.

  6. Ok, so I just came across this post to Tech Soup – – and thought of you. Try it out and let me know how it goes!

    Scrappysoftwaremarketer, I’m currently using Google Reader. So easy!

  7. reader is easy..I use sharpeader and am trying out newzie..i also use google reader as well.

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