Posted by: chasker | July 19, 2007

The Final Episode of the Kitchen Remodel

In response to a comment from football_king I am closing the chapter of our lives that is the kitchen remodel. We started demolition on the job on January 18, 2007. The final touches were made on July 15, 2007 – six months…yes, six months. In the same timeframe I have watched the Rincon Tower rise 49 stories and a house on our block be completely gutted and rebuilt.
My contractor, Ken Gandre, was last sighted at our apartment around the third week of May, and then nothing, nada, zilch. I went into stalker mode for a while, calling him every day, both on his cell phone and home phone, but no response. Finally, I contracted with a carpenter to finish off the last details – putting up the cabinet above the refrigerator and installing the crown molding on the top of all the cabinets.
The final kitchen looks fantastic, and I am really happy with it, but I have learned a lot about contractors during the process and next time I take something on like this I will negotiate a very different contract, with more payment geared towards completing on time, rather than progress payments along the way.
Andy has a good story about the guy he contracted with for his kitchen too.


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