Posted by: chasker | July 17, 2007

It Wasn’t a WildCat…

It just goes to show how afraid Andy must have been when we saw the beast that fateful night. As he ran off in the opposite direction to his $1,500 per night suite (Hyatt Regency Newport Beach if you want to book it), I stayed put staring down this highly evolved hunter. It slinked off into the bushes, but not before I had got a very clear look at it. Using my vast knowledge of wildlife (thanks Google images) I determined that it was no wildcat…no sir. This was one large, mean cougar.
As I walked to my room I heard a rustling sound in the bushes; my heart missed a beat and I quickened my pace knowing that any second this most graceful of predators could leap from its hiding place and rip the flesh from my bones.
Surprisingly though I slept fantastically that night, and completely forgot about my close encounter with death until my wife, Tiffany, and I were talking about the two coyotes that were shot in Golden Gate Park late Sunday.



  1. Oooo what a rugged man you are to have braved that beast staring you down like that! Sexy!

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