Posted by: wingnut650 | July 17, 2007

I am a hero

I have been reminded by the wife of my co-writer that I am a hero.  On a recent work trip chasker and I were confronted by a wildcat when trying to get to our hotel rooms.  If it were not for my quick thinking and animal instinct, I’m sure he would have been eaten alive.  We saw the beast emerge from a shrub and creep slowly up the path in the direction of chasker’s room.  It was about this time that I walked in the opposite direction to my own room (which b/c of booking issues was a ridiculously awesome suite….wiht a private pool!) and told chasker he could wait it out in front of the 60 inch plasma in my suite’s living room until he felt it was safe to go on to his own room.  I saved his life that night. 

A video with the word ‘wildcat’ in it.


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