Posted by: chasker | July 13, 2007

Will Britain Miss the Beckhams?

England has had a bit of a love-hate relationship with David Beckham over the years. I think it is probably rooted in our jealousy of other people’s success. After he was sent off in the World Cup against Argentina in 1998 the country literally went into lynch mode, threatening his family, throwing things at him at matches, and burning edifices of him in the streets. Two years later when he single handedly beat Greece in a must-win game to get England into the next world cup all was forgiven and he could do no wrong. Fast forward to 2006, when he was made a scapegoat for an underperforming England team and unceremoneously sacked as captain and a player. You get the gist – love him one day, hate him the next – such is the fickle nature of the relationship Britain has with Mr Beckham.

I was intrigued then to see what the message boards in England had on them the day after he officially became an LA Galaxy player. However, I had to post this one to give you a flavor of what you can read there.

Beckham’s only true ability is his crossing and the occasional direct free kick that goes in. He can’t run, he can’t thread short killer passes, his close control is non existent, he lacks pace, he can’t head, he can’t dribble and he rarely scores from open play. His sole reason for existing is to keep business in business and journalists in a job.

If he had the face of lionel messi nobody will know him. By leaving the real world of football to Galaxy he has given the game back to al its true lovers who don’t give a monkey about a players looks, or his wife but his real talent.

How many people will recognise Pele or maradona or johan cruyff’s wife down at Tesco ? says it all these ar the game’s immortals. Beckham will be forgoten in less than a decade



  1. cyberspace is already filled with utter crap and the last thing we need is you polluting it more with talk of SOCCER. Let’s work through this together….

    1) The US defines “good” sports.
    2) The US uses soccer as cheap babysitting
    3) Therefore, soccer sucks.

    Impeccable logic even for a jumper-wearing Brit to comprehend, no? Blog about something that people care about: football. Use your American compadre to help you there. While a wrestler, and therefore, by definition, somewhat of a freak (but in a good way) he at least understands the value of the best sport on earth. So much so that he knows how to recommend good books about not only the game, but how life and the game intertwine (The Blindside). Andy, please keep this Brit straight. We Americans appreciate your support.

    — your American friend with the “mansion”

  2. David Beckham will NOT be forgotten in a decade! Have you seen these photos –>

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