Posted by: chasker | July 9, 2007

I suck at blogging…

Welcome back world – here I am – bloggerus suckerus maximus. My co-writer, Andy, held a closed door meeting with me this morning, and the gist of the conversation went like this. “Are you going to fucking blog or what douchebag?”. I may be editorializing somewhat, but it was a come-to-jesus type moment, and I got the point loud and clear.

So here I am, I am back, one last shot at becoming a blogger. Maybe it’s because I am lazy (I am), maybe it’s because I don’t have anything too much to say (I don’t), or maybe it’s because I suck at blogging (I do). However, I have set my homepage now to this blog, so a reminder will await me every time I fire up IE.

Catch you later.



  1. You can talk about being English and or how you cloak your accent so everyone thinks you are english

  2. And here I thought it was just our blog he had trouble writing for! Jeeez, Christian…. 😉

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