Posted by: wingnut650 | July 9, 2007

Copywrong infringements

I’ve written before about a really great ( site that offers (offered) awesome video breakdowns of guitar parts for tons of music. Well…thanks to a complaint regarding copyrights of some of the music, this site is no longer offering this option (on their website or through youtube). This is a shame since they were never actually playing the recorded music in their videos, only showing the guitar sections. Now I’m totally biased on this and I’m sure I’m missing the point of the copyright issue, but it seems to me that this would be a positive by offering a deeper understanding of the disputed music through guitar instruction which could in turn actually promote the purchase of these albums/songs. Anyway, at the very least, guitarists lost a really cool resource, bummer.



  1. Guitars are sooooo….. mainstream. Be like me. I played the accordian (Thanks to a Serbian grandmother). If we manage to hit our 08 number (whatever it may be) I promise to play a stirring rendition of Three Blind Mice complete with the keyboard side and the “uhm pah pah” side (only a Serbian Accordianist will know what “uhm pah pah” is) in front of our team on video.

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