Posted by: wingnut650 | July 8, 2007

Expert Blogging….by a novice. Part 1 of ?

Well, it has been a very exciting couple of weeks for me personally at work. I am tasked with a number of online initiatives that my employer wants to implement over the rest of this year (2007) and I couldn’t be more psyched. One of these particular initiatives is a destination that offers expert dispensed advice and answers for SQL Server related concerns/questions (both for development and administration) AND a blog(ging) area for these experts that will be providing the mentioned advice/answers. This has already proven to be a GREAT success in the question and answer area, as our corporate website has offered this for a few months now and the response has been excellent and participation by our experts just awesome. The new format that will be released soon will allow our inhouse experts to also blog about the question and answer topics as well as write about their own thoughts, observations, etc. This is really exciting stuff since these experts offer just that – real expertise in the area of SQL Server and they are also real characters, so it should be entertaining as well as informative. Good stuff. Also, the in house knowledge that I have to help push this along is just awesome, we have a direct marketing person who is essentially the Yoda to my Luke, which I pretty much need, check out his dirty work here
Learn as I go, devote myself to the process and ENJOY as much as I’ve already been able to and this should be just amazing. Good times! Now, what I have to do is dedicate myself to this blog much more than in the past – you know, “be in it to win it”, it’s not a recipe for succes to be promoting a blog like the one described when I’m not bloggin enough myself. In other words, expect to see more about this SQL Server initiative moving forward.

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