Posted by: wingnut650 | April 30, 2007

A quick laugh

So, my wife and I are talking about managing a vacation property for her mom. I was suggested a really great Yahoo group for vacation rental owners as a reference for anything related to managing one of these properties – awesome resource, tons of participation. The only drawback is that I receive TONS of email strings about very diverse topics from these property owners. Here is a mail that started off a string I saw today. This is hilarious (I’m thinking this is a prank email):

SUBJECT: [vacation_rentals] would you rent to T-H-O-S-E people?

any feedback greatly appreciated. Should I rent to these people?

couple calls. States “we are born again Christian couple. Do you have a
problem with this?.” I say of course not, this is the US of A last time
I checked, we don’t tell our citizens what to believe here.” They next
ask, “Have any of these types of people ever stayed at your Beach
House, Bolinas?” And they reel off a list as follows 1)Jews 2)Democrats
3)”abortonists” 4)people who think we ought to leave Iraq 5) People
with more than a high school education 5)unmarried people engaging in
sexual relations 6) homosexuals? 7) lesbians ? 8) vegetarians 9) women
who wear thong underpants or bikinis, or 10) men who are not acting as
kings of their households.

I tell them I can’t be certain because I don’t know..but that yes,
given I’ve been in businesss 10 years probably people who fit all these
categories have most certainly been guests. Couple says they want a
reservation anyway.

my question? should I rent to them?



  1. here’s a suggestion… if you can afford rental properties, and a family, and living in CA… YOU MAKE TOO MUCH MONEY!!!!!!

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