Posted by: wingnut650 | April 20, 2007

My dog likes Cheerios….thank god

Often over the course of my daughters first year my dog Cooper, a sedentary Boston Terrier, has been waiting to finally enjoy having her around…by eating her food. He’s waited patiently until she was old enough to start dropping things on the floor and now patrols her high chair like a shark circling prey. Anyway, we pretty much start each meal off by putting a handful of Cheerios on her tray and she will stuff them in her mouth. Cooper is right there the second we set our daughter in the chair and she will be feeding him almost immediately. Two for her, one for him, one for her, three for him….the only thing consistent is that eventually they mostly fall on the floor and Cooper devours them. Now, I have to admit that I’m surprised that he will eat them, it seems weird that there’s something in Cheerios that a dog would like, BUT I am really over cleaning in/on/around the high chair during meal time that I couldn’t be happier that his fat little butt will eat them. I wonder if they will lower his cholesterol?


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