Posted by: wingnut650 | April 10, 2007

What I’m feed reading

Just wanted to share what I have on my feed reader with every/any one who is skimming through the blogosphere and stumbles upon 2blokes (*by the way, I use Bloglines as my feed reader):

Economics blogs:
Angry Bear (*this can get pretty political)
Freakonomics Blog
Economists View
The Big Picture
Calculated Risk (*interesting views on housing market)
Brad DeLong’s Blog
Marketing Blogs:
Made to Stick (*Read this book!)
Micro Persuasion
Naked Conversations (*Read this book!)
Brand Autopsy
Idea Sandbox Blog
Own Your Brand!
Church of the Customer Blog
Fun Feeds: (*I love this blog)
Survival of the Sickest
Politics and FP: (*great for getting ‘balanced’ opinions on topics from bloggers…though you have to do the balancing yourself)
Talking Points Memo
FP Passport Blog
The Economist Blog
Quest Products: (The company I work for and the products for which I am PMM)
*Each of these have a Technorati search as well*
Spotlight on RAC
Spotlight on Oracle
Quest Central for Oracle
Space Manager with LiveReorg
InTrust for Databases
Performance Analysis for Oracle
Product related topics:
“SQL Optimization”
“SQL performance”
“development best practices”
“database best practices”
“database compliance”
“database security”
“database replication”
“oracle migration”
“RAC performance”
GoldenGate Software
RedGate Software
Industry Blogs: (*i really like this guys blog)

As you can probably tell, I’m a little too heavy in some areas (product related terms and economics) and anemic in others (competition and industry blogs), but am working on beefing them up.



  1. Hey… thanks so much for including me on your reading list… I’m flattered… and from the looks of the list… in good company! Thanks again! – Paul

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