Posted by: chasker | April 4, 2007

The strangest thing I ever snorted…

Keith Richards today denied that he snorted his Dad, Bert. Turns out that the rocker told NME that he had mixed his father’s ashes with cocaine and snorted. I don’t doubt this story is true – I mean look at him, he looks like he would snort anything. I am surprised that is the strangest thing he has ever snorted in fact.

That got me thinking, what is the strangest thing I ever snorted. When I was about 17 and going through my ‘I am cooler than anyone I know’ phase, I was bet 5 pounds that I wouldn’t snort a line of sherbet, from a sherbet fountain. It was a weird experience. My nose bled and my eyes watered, and I couldn’t see straight for a couple of hours. I vowed never to snort anything ever again, but I think that only lasted another year or two.


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