Posted by: wingnut650 | April 4, 2007

Joe Cefalu where are you?

I have another youtube video that I would like to share that is just a flat out awesome guitar lesson. This kind of follows along with my previous post about some of the lessons that are on youtube (tons) and how some are really great (eg, from

Anyway, this video shows how to expand minor pentatonic scale exercises to both open up the fret board and increase the “solo” opportunities using the different scales (not that I do much of that at all). I’ve been stuck fiddling around with a box or two and not really understanding the fret board very well. Watching this I had one of those moments where I said “so that’s how it works!”.

The guy giving this lesson is Joe Cefalu and he’s done a really great job – especially seeing as how I’ve taken some lessons to essentially get this type of instruction….but never did “get it”….and this guy gave more in a free 8 minute youtube lesson than I’ve gotten from my “pay for” lessons. Not the usual posting on this site, but hey, it’s more pub for Joe and his site:



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