Posted by: wingnut650 | March 27, 2007

Al Qaeda in Iraq is no longer fashionable

I heard something interesting yesterday about the brand recognition of Al Qaeda in Iraq. Apparently, the new leader of this organization is beginning to distance it from the greater Al Qaeda organization (called Al Qaeda Central, probably only by western media/intelligence) because the brand is seen more and more negatively by the people and other insurgent groups wihtin the country. Also, due to these growing negative associations (being that Al Qaeda is seen as a ‘foreign’ entity within Iraq – actually this ‘foreign’ issue is another topic altogether in troubled areas of the middle east, maybe another blog topic) the organization might even change its name. It should not be a surprise to me that brand recognition and public opinion have an affect on how these groups position themselves, but it does. It made me wonder, would it be possible for a terror group to become so large or globally recognized that it could be considered the Wal-Mart or Microsoft of terrorist groups? That’s just a weird metaphor right there, but is that a wrong way to view Al Qaeda, or Hezbollah, or FARC, etc? Also, do they have people/persons who are paying attention to and working the marketing of their organizations? I’m saying yes – which I also think is crazy.


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