Posted by: wingnut650 | March 21, 2007

Bring the noise…but how?

So last night I was searching youtube for some guitar lessons (these are scattered around on the site and some are really pretty informative) when I found a channel that provides ONLY guitar lessons. This channel is also the name of a website called I am here to say, this is an EXCELLENT channel and site and catalogue of videos on youtube. The product delivered is usually a ten minute video lesson on how to play requested songs (requested through the website). Now, what caught my eye is that these guys (two guys run this site/video catalogue) have over thirty video lessons on youtube…ALL of which have AT LEAST 15,000 views…AT LEAST! Now, the product that these guys produce is really, really good. Take that from a player that critiques these kinds of things (if only because my self inflicted ADD requires guitar lessons to be short, packed with easy to understand information and essentially for “dummies”) – NOT to take away from the quality product these guys produce…just look at the numbers on youtube. Which actually brings me back to my question: What is the recipe for success in using youtube as a marketing channel? I mean, really, what is it? The product in this case is great – quality, content, delivery, etc. – but there are plenty of videos on youtube that pretty much suck, but get tens of thousands of views or, in many cases, more than that. (By the way, maybe I don’t know what really sucks since that last link has over 1.5 million views….how?



  1. Hi,

    you don’t need to search on youtube… There’s an entire category for free video guitar lessons on, which has thousands of links to such free videos.

    Write a post about if you liked it.


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