Posted by: chasker | March 14, 2007

I Would Definitely Play This…

My wife likes US Weekly. She doesn’t get it EVERY week, but pretty close. I am not ashamed to say that I read it – generally in the bathroom, but nonetheless I read it all the same. And yes, I like it, enjoy the mindless nature of it. Yesterday I was flying back from Boston and was reading Esquire Magazine. There was a short blurb in there about US Weekly Fantasy League. Andy (my co-author) and I have often talked about how anything can be interesting if you can make a Fantasy League around it. (I was not into American Football at all until I started playing Fantasy Football four years ago). So today I googled this US Weekly league and found out that it is the brainchild of Bill Simmons (of ESPN fame) of course. Here is the article, and Andy – let’s get the ladies involved and make this happen! I am excited.



  1. I would definitely play this – definitely. The beauty of a league like this is that it can happen year round, which is a HUGE plus over any other fantasy game…and the ladies would be involved and competitive. I love this idea.

  2. Let’s make it happen – I talked to tiffany about it last night and she is toally up for it.

  3. I want into your fantasy football league.

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