Posted by: chasker | March 9, 2007

The Trouble with Contractors…

I am going on record right now as saying ‘I don’t like contractors’. Now, I am sorry if I have offended any readers out there that are contractors, but I just haven’t had the best luck with this segment of the workforce.
We are in the middle of construction on a new bathroom and kitchen, and things started off right on track. In fact the first week or two were like an episode of ‘Extreme Makeover – Home Edition’. I was happy, my wife Tiffany, was happy, looked like we would get our bathroom and kitchen delivered on time.
Ha ha ha…how misguided was I. We are two months in now, and work is going at less than a snail’s pace. I wish I could work only half hour each day and complain on the days where I work more than two hours. For some reason though, my employer expects a 40 hour work week from me. Weird…
Stay tuned for more venting on this topic.


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