Posted by: wingnut650 | March 9, 2007

“Arbusto” is Spanish for Bush

So, since my co-author is nervous about posting to our blog, I’ll take a stab at getting this ball rolling. I’ll begin by explaining that our blog will pretty much cover a wide range of topics related to anything from politics to sports to parenting to food, etc. – but will occassionally examine and discuss these topics through the lens of a marketer, as marketing is what we both do. So, after that rambling, here’s an article that I came across today that I thought was interesting. This has to do with an archaeological site in Guatemala that GWB visited…and then was essentially excercised by Mayan priests to expell any “bad spirits” that he dragged into the place. I think there’s a fart joke, or some other “bush purification” joke in here somewhere, but maybe that’s just me.


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